Dog Walking*

Dog walking is a great way to bond and connect with our fur clients!  Our walks take place in your neighborhood and last anywhere from 20-60 minutes, depending on your needs. We typically don't frequent dog parks where there can be unpredictable behavior, and we never walk more than 4 dogs at a time.  Our goal is not only to give your dog exercise and a potty break, but to provide them with the attention, love, and quality human time that make dogs so happy.

Walks always include poop-scooping (of course!) and treats (duh!).  Let us know if your dog has special dietary needs that we need to follow, or if your dog has aggression or anxiety issues and requires a solo walk. We always do our absolute best to accommodate our clients!

$25 per walk (approx 30 min - includes up to 2 dogs per household)

Each dog after first 2 in a household: $5 extra
Evenings after 5pm, Weekends, and Holidays: $5 extra

*This service is available to clients located in our Primary Service Area.