"Leslie helped me personally as a support and sounding-board as we went through the 5+ month hospice experience with my Russian Wolfhound. She offered her lessons from her past experiences which made me feel less alone throughout the ordeal."

- Colleen C.

Other Services

The following services are customized to your pet's needs and are available on a case-by-case basis. Contact us to discuss your needs and the possible options we may be able to provide.


Sometimes your pet needs a little more than a 30-minute walk or a daily check-in. If you have to be away all day and want to be sure your pet gets plenty of human interaction during the day, Daycare may be just the thing for you. This service is tailored to the needs of your pet and, therefore, varies in price and availability.

Hospice Care

Caring for your pet during the final stages of their life can be both emotionally and physically overwhelming. You, of course, want to be there at all times to give them the best care and attention possible. However, the emotional toll that this takes can leave you feeling depleted, and sometimes it helps to have someone else take over for a few hours while you take a much needed break.  The hospice care we provide will do just that, providing your pet with a loving presence while you take a timeout to replenish your energies. This service includes administering meds, potty breaks (with physical support if needed), cleaning up accidents or messes that may occur, mini-Reiki sessions to help calm and comfort your pet, as well as plenty of TLC.  We tailor this service to the specific needs of you and your pet, so please contact us to discuss possible options.