Like children, animals are highly attuned to the energy surrounding them. Picking up on energetic signals is an animal's number one method of understanding their world. Domesticated animals focus intently on their people and tend to soak up the energy we put out - both good and bad! If you're going through a stressful time, you can bet your pet is picking up on it. Because they cannot express themselves through language, any discomfort they experience due to stressful energy is instead conveyed in the form of physical ailments, anxiety, behavioral problems, etc.

The calm, healing energy of Reiki can offer tremendous relief and comfort for animals in these situations. Reiki helps your pet release chaotic energy, helps calm anxiety, and helps to relieve pain.  In the case of behavioral problems, Reiki can help an animal attain a calmer state of being so that behavioral training is more effective.

In-home Reiki (available in the Seattle Metro Area)
Relaxed, one-on-one healing for your pet in the comfort of their own space. First-time sessions include intake and getting-to-know-you time, so plan for a minimum of 60 minutes. Follow-up session times vary according to each animal's need, but normally last 30-45 minutes.

In-home session (per pet): $60

Distance Reiki (available worldwide)
Reiki energy can be sent across time and space to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Distance sessions are useful for clients located outside the Seattle area, or for those whose pets are uncomfortable having new people in their physical space. Intake and session times can be coordinated via email or phone, and every session is followed up with a written summary of impressions received during the session.

Distance session (per pet): $40