"Over the years, Leslie has become a true friend to my dogs, tipping me off if she observed any changes in their mood or health. I would be happy to speak with anyone who is serious about getting the best pet-care on the market."

- Colleen C.

Why We Follow The Animals...

I've been 'following the animals' for more than 7 years now. Why? Well, it all began with a meditation...

Prior to working with animals I was a graphic designer. It was a satisfying career for many years, but it began to lose its luster after the 10-year mark. Although I enjoyed having the creative outlet, I wasn't very happy. I had no real passion for the job, and I felt a growing need to find something in life with real meaning, something that I felt truly passionate about.

In my search for something meaningful in life, I began studying Reiki, an ancient Japanese form of energy healing. During a meditation (something I had never done before), I saw myself in the desert where I met a large black dog who guided me through an interesting experience (again, this was all very new to me - I'd never experienced anything like it before and I was quite transfixed by the whole thing!). I felt a great love for this dog, who acted as my guide and protector during this meditation, and afterwards I couldn't stop thinking about her. Later that day, while driving to my mom's house in Olympia, I was thinking about the dog and this strange experience I'd had, when a very clear, strong thought popped into my head: "Follow the animals - they'll take you where you need to go." The thought came out of nowhere, and it was so powerful that it jarred me out of my ruminations. Follow the animals?? What animals? My cats? The dog from my meditation? I had no idea what it meant, but I couldn't shake the thought and it stayed with me for months.

Fast-forward one year later... Graphic design work was drying up and I found myself searching for ways to supplement my income. Although I had achieved the Master level as a Reiki practitioner, I wasn't yet ready to practice it on a professional level, so I thought of the only other thing that had always brought me joy: animals!  I did a quick search on Craig's List for pet care jobs in the area and found a local company that was hiring dog-walkers. I applied for the job, had an interview within days, and a week later was walking my own little pack of canines. It didn't take long to see how much happier I felt with the dogs than I felt sitting at my computer all day! Within a few months I had ditched Graphic Design almost entirely for a full-time career working with animals. While walking dogs one day, the pack stretched out in front of me, I recalled the thought that had popped into my head the previous year... "Follow the animals - they'll take you where you need to go."  Although I still wasn't certain what it ultimately meant, it was clear that 'following the animals' as I was now doing made me incredibly happy, so I would simply continue to do just that.

In the years since then, my business has grown and evolved into something I truly love. In that time I've had many ideas for my business, some of which had me working with people more than animals (mostly as a Reiki practitioner). Interestingly enough, those ideas never seemed to pan out - something always went awry along the way. But every time I turned in the direction of working with animals exclusively, my life flourished and everything worked out. I still have no idea where that thought came from... God? The Universe? My subconscious? It doesn't really matter to me at this point. What I do know is this: following the animals has brought me more joy and peace than I ever could have imagined. My life is exponentially better since I began working with animals. I believe it to be my calling, my true passion, and I can't imagine doing anything else. So I will continue to follow the animals, because I know they will always take me where I need to go.